Kleo Loft Student Desk

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Kleo Loft Student Desk

The Loft Student Desk is made from recycled boatwood timber sourced from decommissioned fishing villages along the north coast of Java, Indonesia. The boats are stripped, and the timber is transported back to the factory for cleaning, removing nails, bolts and all metal objects before kiln drying. The tabletop is a parquetry style finish set around a base frame, and the leg frame is made from powdercoated metal in a mottled gunmetal colour finish. The table top can be folded down to create extra space if not in use. Knots, burrs, bolt and nail holes and paint remnants of the brightly painted boat hulls may be noticeable on each piece. This is not considered a flaw, but a tattoo of the past experience of its previous life, warts and all! Reclaimed, recycled and reborn- embrace life sustainably, one step at a time. Join us on this journey.

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  • Category: 2018/Sale/Office Desk
  • Brand: April & Oak
  • Colour: Natural
  • SKU: KKS201
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